Burning the Midnight Oil

To Get Things Done for El Paso.

It has been an amazing 2017. We hope you enjoy this video of the wonderful people who are ready for progress. Ready for a demonstrated leader and unifying force. Ready to realize our full potential. We are cleaning up El Paso and change is coming to Washington. Together, we will make 2018 another great year!



Dori is committed to education, job growth, Ft. Bliss and veterans and establishing progressive border and immigration reforms that drive commerce and safety on both sides of the border.

Dori attended summer school at UTEP and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Tulsa School of Law. During law school she worked full-time as a bailiff and also served as an intern for the 10th Circuit United States Court of Appeals and the Oklahoma Court of Appeals.

Dori was a single mother and understands hard work, sacrifice and the value of small business.  After law school, she and her mother founded a retail packaging company. For nearly 20 years, they worked together supporting nationwide clients including Dial, Einstein Bros, and the United States Postal Service.

Dori believes that a better educated workforce will ultimately lead to better economic opportunities.  She ran for school board at a critical time for El Paso.  With 60,000 students, 8,500 employees and a budget of $600,000,000, she understood that EPISD needed to blaze a new path.  Under Dori’s leadership, EPISD regained local control of the district and passed El Paso County’s largest bond in 2016.  Dori is proud of her time serving as President of the EPISD Board of Trustees and honored to serve in Austin as only 1 of 7 trustees in Texas selected to the Commissioner’s Advisory Council.

Dori believes that our border and Ft. Bliss are critical and valuable assets for El Paso. She is committed to increasing commerce across our border and the support of our veterans and the growth of Ft. Bliss.

Our economy, education, Ft. Bliss and improving our border will be the cornerstones of her campaign.

Dori is committed to improving her community. As a volunteer, she worked with immigrants on citizenship in “Learning to Read” programs.  While she raised her boys, she served as a coordinator for the Boy Scouts. She also regularly volunteered at schools and served on her local PTA.  She is a past Director of the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority, where she oversaw millions of dollars in local transportation projects.

Dori Fenenbock stood up and fought for our schools. Never having run for office before, she “Leaned In” and ran for the School Board. She won handily with almost 70% of the vote.

For the first time in years, EPISD was headed in a direction that wasn’t politics as usual. For the first time in years, we had real leadership and, as we have all seen, she got things done: the first school District of Innovation in Texas, balanced budgets with no tax increases for operations, and the historic $668 million school bond. Now, don’t tell this to Dori, but you and I know, that NO one thought that bond would pass.

Dori also earned her Master Trustee Certification and served as a Director for the Texas Association of School Boards

Nationally, Dori has served as a Director for the Council of Great City Schools and is the incoming Small Federations Chair for the Jewish Federations of North America, which raises a billion dollars a year for social services, public policy and human rights advocacy.


El Paso is the gateway of the American Dream. People of diverse races, religions and economic levels cross our borders seeking a better life and better opportunities for their children.. Education is the key. Jobs are the solution. I will fight every day to improve the lives for ALL El Pasoans.

-Dori Fenenbock




Our Economy


Texas is the fastest growing state in the country and El Paso is on the verge of an economic explosion. We are already seeing the expansion of our highways, investments in downtown, and the growth of Fort Bliss. Federal projects to create, renew, and expand our infrastructure, such as roads and bridges, should continue.

We must bring good-paying, full-time jobs to El Paso.  Our border location, year round climate, and business friendly state attracts small businesses and entrepreneurs which are essential to job growth. Tax incentives should promote workforce training, apprenticeships and higher education. Good jobs will follow federal investments in innovation, research and start-ups.

El Paso is the capital of the border. Mexico is the largest trading partner with Texas. In El Paso, one in every four jobs is connected to cross-border activity. We must support and expand free trade and fight against a border adjustment tax.

Families need a break. Our cost of living is outpacing wages and we are feeling the squeeze and taking home less. We are increasingly burdened with the costs of prescription drugs, utilities and taxes. Hard working men and women deserve an equal, living wage. Seniors who live on a fixed income have earned the right to retire with a reliable pension, Social Security and Medicare.

Our children are capable and ready to learn. We must support the reform of public education and invest in teachers, technology and programs for 21st century learners. We must curb the rising costs of education and accelerate pathways to college, vocational careers and the military that lead to better opportunities here in El Paso. We should encourage dual language programs to support El Paso’s global economy.

Information is power. El Paso must overcome our border challenges such as language barriers, low skills and low education. The internet is an equalizer. Urban expansion of digital cities, like Digital El Paso, should be a national priority.


El Paso Border Wall

El Paso is a gateway of the American Dream. People cross our borders, as they have for generations, seeking opportunities for a better life and better opportunities for their children. Texas wouldn’t be Texas without the contributions of immigrants to our state and our nation. El Pasoans know that we need a secure border and sensible, compassionate immigration reform.

El Paso is a peaceful, warm and welcoming community rooted in our families, our friends and our faith. Businesses, friends and relatives weave our tri-state, bi-national region together. We are not a warzone. We breathe the same air and share the same water and are inextricably linked with our southern neighbor.

We don’t need a wall. We need better enforcement of existing laws.  Strong border controls, not only here along our border with Mexico, but our maritime borders as well, are imperative to our national security. Our federal government must make investments in El Paso. People, technology and infrastructure, such as the current bill for a SMART wall of high-tech security systems, will save billions and ensure a secure yet fluid border.

We need an orderly and uniform pathway to citizenship. The demands for the skills and capabilities of immigrants here in El Paso have increased dramatically in fields such as the medical services and healthcare industries, higher education, and manufacturing. El Paso requires industrious, energetic newcomers to support our growth.

We must take a compassionate stance on “Dreamers,” who come as young children and through no fault of their own, find themselves here as adults without documentation. They are Americans in every sense and we need to embrace them. Residents of our community should be free to live in peace not in fear. Our federal immigration system must provide due process according to our American values.

El Paso is one of the safest cities in America. We owe this to the hard work and professionalism of our law enforcement officers. We must trust their judgment that taking on border enforcement undermines our safety. Victims and witnesses who fear deportation are less likely to report crimes.

Our border is a local asset yet border security is a federal responsibility. El Paso is a growing community with limited resources and should not be burdened with the cost and liability of immigration enforcement. Yet, El Paso County detains more undocumented immigrants than any other county in Texas. We should not use our local taxes to build jails and house inmates to enforce federal laws.


Fort Bliss/Our Veterans

Fort Bliss has long played a role in maintaining a strong national defense. We must be second to none on Earth in protecting the peace through strength. That means having a superior military capability to any potential adversary, and protecting our interests in more than one region at a time. It also means using diplomacy, alliances like NATO, and smart strategy in hot spots like South Asia, the Middle East, and the Korean Peninsula, in order to forestall military conflict.

The Korean Peninsula is a powder keg. North Korea is fast developing the ability to project its nuclear capability to the US Homeland. We need to do more to bring North Korea to the bargaining table, whether that’s by renewing the multinational talks, or holding China accountable.

In the Middle East, we recognize that Israel is the lone stable Western democracy and our strong ally in the region. We must support Israel as it deals with the multitude of nations and terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah that threaten it. Israel must have a willing partner for peace. Dori supports military and foreign aid programs that protect Israel and vital US interests in the region.

We know that Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism, and has been working non-stop to develop a nuclear weapon. We must continue efforts to prevent that from happening. While Dori did not support President Obama’s Iran deal, now we must redouble our efforts to make sure, through aggressive monitoring and the re-imposed sanctions, that the deal succeeds.

Our nation leads the globe in producing smart technology for our national defense. Partnerships on smart weapons and defensive shields like Iron Dome, David’s Sling and Arrow 3 must continue. Electronic intelligence gathering capability and weapons systems which threaten our adversaries while minimizing risks to our troops maintains our technological edge to protect the homeland.

Our nation has let down our veterans. For those who offered their lives to protect the life and liberty we hold dear, we owe more than a debt of gratitude. We owe these everyday heroes great health care, a GI Bill that continues to provide for our veterans, a meaningful retirement with dignity, and a place in the workforce for those of working age. We must address the mental health needs and invest in research for those suffering from PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injuries. For too long our veterans have been overlooked and their needs swept under the rug.

Fort Bliss and White Sands are the second and first largest army installations in the world. Our massive training areas and unrestricted airspace place us at the heart of our national defense. Another Base Realignment and Closure could result in a new Core Headquarters and expansion of thousands of soldiers to El Paso. Our community’s strong relationship with Fort Bliss, innovation in our public schools, and low cost of living make El Paso an ideal place to live and raise a family.

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